About Vampire Coffee

Our goal here at vampire coffee is to share the wonders of coffee and all its splendor whilst encouraging lots of fun conversations. Whether you prefer dark, medium or light roast, we want you to know, Vampire coffee is strong enough to wake the undead!

Michael Machat

How we got here

Some of you reading this may already know my vampiric journey began after reading Dracula followed by a cross country trip through the Nevada desert at night, ultimately leading to the creation of Vampire Wine. That was back in 1985. It was many years later, in 2007 when I attended my first coffee tasting. A neighbor of mine had a coffee roasting business, and I slowly began to notice the similarities between coffee and wine. After a while, I thought let’s explore adding Vampire coffee to the fold. How else do vampires stay up all night than with coffee? Or as some others have put it, because who wants to drink blood first thing in the morning?

Shortly thereafter I attended my first coffee tasting. I knew from experience tasting wine, that if not careful, 25 small tastes equals a full bottle of wine. I was surprised to learn the effects of tasting 12 shots of coffee in a short time can have unexpected humorous effects. Over the years since, I've learned that, as with wine, the terroir and climate from which coffee beans derive make a tremendous difference in the intricacies of flavors that encapsulate a good cup of coffee. Perhaps equally important is the method and skill of the roaster, just like the skills and methods of a winemaker can make or break a wine. I’ve learned the preferences some have in the roast level, whether it's dark roast, medium roast or light roast are similar to the differences some have how they enjoy a steak — well done, medium or rare. And contrary to what many might think, the caffeine content in a light or medium roast can exceed the caffeine content in a dark roast. The caffeine content is determined by the bean - not the roast level. And equally surprising to some, a good cup of drip coffee will have more caffeine than espresso.

PS. While enjoying our Vampire coffee, please note that a portion of all profits from sales from this website are being donated to music related causes, such as Music Cares. Music, like vampires, lives forever.